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Latest Activities

  • Apply Now for Environmental Science and Policy Fell…2015-11-11

    Abstract:Apply Now for Environmental Science and Policy FellowshipThe Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy is pleased to announce, for the second year, the Dean’s Environmental Science and Policy Fellowship. Created in 2014

  • CCICED 2015 Annual General Meeting2015-11-11

    Abstract:CCICED 2015 Annual General Meeting Date: Nov. 9-11, 2015 Venue: Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing Theme: Enabling Governance Capacity for Green Transformation Link:

  • The 3rd Work Meeting of CCICED Special Policy Study…2015-09-28

    Abstract:The 3rd work meeting of CCICED Special Policy Study on Soil Pollution Management was held in Shanghai on 21-23, July. Mr. Wang Shuyi, Chinese Co-chair of the Special Policy Study, Director of Environmental Law Research Center of Shanghai University of Fin

  • Its time to fix Chinas food safety conundrum(2015-…2015-05-08

    Abstract:Food safety scandals have become so common in China that people are losing confidence in what they eat. The government has consistently emphasised the need for better regulation of the food industry, and it’s established an inter-ministerial com

  • Chinas toxic air lowers infant birth weights, says …2015-05-08

    Abstract:Air pollution reduces the weight of newborn children, says a new study that compared births in Beijing with 2008, the year that the Chinese capital hosted the Summer Olympics and lowered smog levels through curbs on car use and industry… Source

  • Organic farming techniques are closing gap on conve…2015-05-08

    Abstract:Organic farming systems, when done right, can come close to matching the productivity of conventional systems.The unintended consequences of our agricultural food system – polluted air and water, dead zones in coastal seas, soil erosion &nda

  • Pollution, health scares and racism: welcome to the…2015-05-08

    Abstract:US investigative journalist Ted Genoways’ new book ‘The Chain’ details the impacts of large-scale pork production in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska… Source, Chinadialgoue,