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Latest Activities

  • Blue Sky app to get Chinas public thinking about so…2015-04-29

    Abstract:The ‘Bluesky Map’ app, which was officially launched today by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), enables the public to check up on air and water quality, local sources of pollution, and scrutinise emissions from 9

  • The value and limits of urban sustainability indica…2015-04-29

    Abstract:What information do city officials need if they are to increase sustainability, resource efficiency, and resilience? This was among the questions addressed at a global meeting of mayors and city leaders in Seoul, South Korea earlier this month: more than

  • China unveils landmark plan to curb water pollution…2015-04-29

    Abstract:China will from late 2016 ban industrial plants, paper mills and refineries that pollute the country’s water supplies, part of a wider plan to improve rivers, lakes, coasts and aquifers that have become chronically degraded following decades of

  • Want to convince politicians why they should protec…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Day in and day out, many of us in the environment and development sector ask ourselves the same question: "How do I persuade politicians that they should protect the environment?" For those who are not in the sector, this may sound ridiculous, y

  • Who is responsible for China’s water?(2015-04-10…2015-04-29

    Abstract:The Ganjiang River flows across Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province. On the third day of the Spring Festival whilst other people were celebrating, a fishermen was on his wooden boat killing a fish he had caught. Beside him were three docked boats and a

  • China’s MEP blocks controversial Yangtze dam(2015…2015-04-29

    Abstract:The Chinese government has put the river before a dam. In a decision made public yesterday, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has prohibited the proposed Xiaonanhai Dam and any future dam projects on the last stretch of free flo

  • Govt assurances on PX petchem plants vapourised aft…2015-04-29

    Abstract:Opposing the construction of PX petrochemical plants has been one of the most common forms of environmental activism for China’s urban residents in the past decade…Source, Chinadialogue,