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Recommended Publications

  • Multiple Pathways: Case Studies of Sustainable Agri…2016-02-18


    Edited by Seth Cook and Lila BuckleyContributing authors:Qiao Yuhui, Qi Gubo, Seth Cook, Lila Buckley, Song Yiching, Zhang Yanyan, Zhang Li, He Xueqing, Friederike Martin, Yue Shizhong and Wang ZhenPublished by International Institute for Environment and

  • Dams and Development in China: The Moral Economy of…2014-11-19


    DescriptionThe book examines China’s current hydropower dam industry and its consequences for the environment and local communities. China is home to half of the worlds large dams and adds dozens more each year. The benefits are considerable

  • Fighting for Breath: Living Morally and Dying of Ca…2013-08-30


    DescriptionNumerous reports of “cancer villages” have appeared in the past decade in both Chinese and Western media, highlighting the downside of China’s economic development. Less generally known is how people experience and

  • Environmental Litigation in China2013-08-30


    DescriptionThis is a book about the improbable: seeking legal relief for pollution in contemporary China. In a country known for tight political control and ineffectual courts, Environmental Litigation in China unravels how everyday justice works: how jud

  • The Search for the Ultimate Sink: Unber Pollution i…2013-03-06


    Whether it comes by air, by land, or by water, pollution has long plagued the American city. And for just as long, the question of how to deal with urban wastes has taxed the minds of scientists, engineers, and public officials - and the pocketbooks of or

  • Something New under the Sun: An Environmental Histo…2012-09-14


    The history of the twentieth century is most often told through its world wars, the rise and fall of communism, or its economic upheavals. In his startling new book, J. R. McNeill gives us our first general account of what may prove to be the most signifi