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  • Urbanisation, rural transformations and food securi…2016-01-11


    This paper discusses who eats what in China and why, with a focus on understanding the evolving axes of inequality with regard to access to affordable, safe and nutritious food in the context of changing rural–urban linkages.The production, dist

  • Environment and health in China: the role of enviro…2015-12-04


    “Environment and health in China: the role of environmental NGOs in policy innovation.” Fürst,K and Holdaway, J., in Fulada, A(ed), Civil society contribution to policy innovation in the PR China. Basingstorke: Palgrave Macmil

  • Academic Article Recommendation:HISTORICIZING SUST…2014-06-16


    Journal title: World Development Reference: WD3186 Corresponding author: Dr. Anna Lora-Wainwright, Oxford University, UK;First author: Dr. Jixia Lu, China Agricultural University, Beijing, PR China Abstract: This article adopts a &

  • Academic Article Recommendation: Sustainable Intens…2013-08-26


    Authors:T. Garnett.etc. Summary: Food security is high on the global policy agenda. Demand for food is increasing as populations grow and gain wealth to purchase more varied and resource-intensive diets. There is increased competition for land, water,

  • Academic Article Recommendation: Rapid health trans…2013-06-24


    Joint First Authors:Gonghuan Yang, Yu WangInstitute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & School of Basic Medicine, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China Cotents:Summary:Background China has undergone rapid demographi