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A Community Guide to Environmental Health

A  Community Guide of Environmental Health is a collection of ideas, methods, stories, and practical solutions collected from communities worldwide for the benefit of health workers, teachers, community activists, development professionals, and anyone tho wants to improve health for themselves and their community.

This highly-illustrated guide will help health promoters, development workers, educators, activists, and community leaders take charge of their communities' environmental health. In small villages and large cities, A Community Guide to Environmental Health can provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration to begin transforming the global crisis in environmental health.
The book contains activities to stimulate critical thinking and environmental change, dozens of stories of communities in action, and instructions for making simple technologies to purify water, clean without toxics, get tid of pests, and more.
Topics include:
  • preventing and reducing harm from toxic pollution
  • protecting community water and watersheds
  • restoring land, caring for forests, and planting trees
  • reducing harm from mining, oil, and energy production
  • farming sustainably and building food security
  • disposing of solid waste and health care waste 
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